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Deaddiction Centre in Himachal Pradesh

De addiction Centre in Himachal is the first deaddiction center started in paranoia in-salon district for alcoholics and for all those who are victims of any addiction. It is complete in house treatment where a patient will be motivated towards a complete rid of addiction and towards a better brighter life prospect. Addiction often changes a person’s behavior, which can change all aspects of his or her life, including work and relationships. We help addicts to recover from addictions, injuries and even physical and mental illness to re-enter society, we motivate patients to do their best to regain their normal lives in a safe and healthy way. After discharge, the patient will have complete freedom from addiction and will groom himself in a responsible individual. The condition of a patient and the frequency of addiction will determine the period of his admission in the center for 3 months. The time period may extend in according to consult with the patient’s condition or his counselor’s advice.

An addiction can ruin anyone’s happy life both ways physically and mentally. De addiction Centre in Punjab people doesn’t have control over their minds they don’t know what they are doing with themself. They have no sense that what they are taking or using and how this will impact their body. Any addiction is harmful it may be substances changes us in a bad and life-harming way. NEW GENERATION CARE FOUNDATION helps addicts and has helped many in the past completely in overcoming their addictions and recover charge of their lives. We at NEW GENERATION CARE FOUNDATION ensure that the patient is not hurt to relapses and help them to be successful to live a joyful life. Our focus is always to help an individual to overcome any kind of addiction. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma has the vision to see an addiction-free country keeping his vision in mind he has started Lifeline Foundation in the year 2000.

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