We assist recovery in people suffering from psychiatric illness or drug addiction using medical and/or psychological measures Extend a helping hand to the family in the care of patients.

  • Pre-admission Counselling:- This will help the addict to identify his problems, accept it and the need to undergo the treatment. This also prepares the addict mentally for the transition period.

Psychosocial counselling:– It’s an ongoing process during the process, it helps to identify ones strengths and weakness and address it with the guidance of a counsellor.

Family Counselling:– In most of the cases the immediate family members will also be in distress due to the tremendous social, economical and psychological pressure.

Management of withdrawal symptoms:- During first few days of detoxification, the patient may undergo the withdrawal period. The severity of withdrawal symptoms depends on person to person, types of drugs used and period of abused.

Behaviour Change Communication:- providing information/knowledge, building this involves awareness and changing attitude and behaviour for healthy & safer choices in life.