Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala – Umang Foundation

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala – Umang Foundation

Umang Foundation has been a top notch institution when it comes to the treatment of dual diagnosis. Our enhanced facilities over the years, both financially and technologically have established itself into a state of the art decree for the dual diagnosis treatment in Ambala.

How to diagnose if you need a dual diagnosis treatment –

An individual who is linked with dual diagnosis has both a mental illness and a co-occurring substance use disorder (SUD). An SUD is a kind of substance that you take in order to be mentally absolved in an infinite space which is to simply put, you take a drug to keep your nerves cold enough to not overthink. Through the top Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala, it provides you rehabilitation offer, through which the  clients can learn more about the signs of a dual diagnosis disorder. The dual diagnosis disorder is still not known to many people, often this get ignored however, Umang Foundation with its flagship program of Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala is pitching in to properly give away the knowledge to the youngsters, the most affected lot suffering from the dual diagnosis disorder.

In one of the recent surveys that was conducted it was shown that youngsters are rapidly inching closer to being affected by dual diagnosis disorder and the trajectory of the growth remains to double fold in the next decade. This is a sign of worry and Umang Foundation with its objective and motto of cultivating a culture free of drug issues is trying to make a dent on the disorder through its Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala.

Ambala, Punjab is in fact the epicentre or amongst the cities of the major epicentre of such growth in drug diagnosis disorder.

One of the prime indications of the problem is when individual start retreating or move away from their relationships with families, friends and maybe the corporate life starts to diminish around you. This maybe in today’s terminology can easily be referred to as falling into depression however this is a much bigger issue.

Besides the individual will start to face difficulties managing their daily tasks or controlling their substance use. The substance use in such scenarios goes usually above the sky.

Dual diagnosis disorder symptoms –

In the long run, the individual develops a high tolerance to the substance and starts using the substance more frequently. The substance becomes the fuel for the body without even the person acknowledging the fact. Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala  reflects on the same and has surveyed a relevant size of population to find out what happens next or how the potential patient starts to behave in a certain order. In fact, more than 65% of individuals that have an addiction to drugs and alcohol also suffer from disorders which majorly involves symptoms of depression and other mood disorders, anxiety, personality disorders, and trauma.

How Umang Foundation with its Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala comes into the picture –

The facilities involved and captured within the Umang Foundation flagship are licensed to treat Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala which is authorised by government agencies. A plethora of foundations and institutions promises and advertises to establish that they can actually treat dual diagnosis disorder however the patient actually loses on his hard earned money and never gets the permanent solution to the problem. In fact, such disorder if given the time to surge may prove to be fatal for the patient.

The medical staff and the sanctioned facilities by the Umang Foundation into the treatment for Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala  is the unique selling price (USP) for the Foundation which is spreading awareness through its various branches across the country.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala registers a patient for not more than 90 days for its treatment and pushes out the enhanced version of the individual’s soul. The average length of any patient’s treatment during the course of Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala defines not more than 40 days. We have been the best in our field to provide the best and a rapid recovery assistance to our patients across the country especially in the Punjab region. We have made headlines in the country so far for our higher success rate at helping our clients achieve the optimum health level.

Does dual diagnosis treatment needs a follow up care?

Continuum care is something that needs to be the basis of the post diagnosis of the problem. Luckily, Umang Foundation with its Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala is just the right place to be, if you are in such a situation. Dual diagnosis treatment cannot be put away by treatments, it needs a considerable period of duration to actually get habitual to an individuals body and that’s why the program we have for Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala justifies in for therapies and counselling sessions spread across months, depending on how dreadfully an individual is into the problem.

As the word goes around, Umang Foundation with its flagship Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala has truly mastered the game for nurturing the treatment from its basics to its ultimate optimum solution. Once a patient comes in, the treatment is provided to the person right away without the individual feeling any financial constraints, as compared with another foundation so remember, if you have a person around whom you feel has a dual diagnosis disorder, please feel free to reach us at Umang Foundation for and get your treatment started as soon as possible.

Levels of dual diagnosis disorder treatment Umang Foundation flagship program of Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala covers –

  • Detoxification
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Discharge planning and aftercare

The recovery coaching is considered soon after the treatment gets over and stops until the patient starts to feel better. We have monitoring tools to reflect the patient’s need during the whole treatment duration. The Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Ambala has been treating people with utmost sincerity since the start of the Umang Foundation and it’s our objective is to attain a free dual diagnosis disorder in India, especially within the rural parts of the country.